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Discover a new world in time series forecasting

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Warning: the technology supporting this website is still Work In Progress.

What is Swift Forecast?

Swift Forecast is a web service that allows you to forecast the next values in a time series:
free, without any software download, and without any mathematical knowledge!
Simply insert yout time series in the input field above, and our software will take care of evaluating different algorithms,
calculating the next value, and assessing the confidence interval.

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How does it work?

Swift Forecast uses a combination of different time series forecast algorithms, including:

General function fits (e.g. linear, polynomials, exponentials, etc.)
Propietary algorithms (e.g. WPF)
Ensemble predictors (combining multiple algorithms together)

You don't need to understand how they work: the system computes
which one is the best for the time series you provide, and seamlessly yields a result.

For more information, check the description of the system and of our technology.

Try some financial time series...

Data are updated in real time, and the computation is performed on the time series representing the last three months.
Of course, use any result at your own risk!

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